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11:12pm 22/04/2007
  I'm totally killing myself trying to find the artist who did this awesome folk revival type album. I grew up listening to the tape. There are a few songs I remember bits of, but I have had no luck finding them on the internet.

This one is about Harry Truman, the guy who wouldn't leave Mt. St. Helens when it was gonna blow up.

the chorus-->
If the mountain blows, then I'll go with it.
If the mountain blows, I'll go along.
If the mountain blows, then I'll go with it,
I'm gonna stay right here, cuz here's where I belong.

Then there is a song about living in a commune. Again, I only remember part of the chorus.

Well I've got five moms and three Dads,
sounds kinda weird, but it ain't so bad,
if you get tired of one, you just go find another.
A whole lot better then one Dad and Mother.

And a third song, which I don't remember ANY of the lyrics to, is about not putting split pea soup in a pressure cooker, and it's a metaphor for nuclear power.

Any help?
12:16pm 26/11/2006
  I think the song goes "The secret to(of?) life is enjoying the passage of time".. I think it's an artist from the 70s. James Tayloresque? Help!  
01:17pm 21/10/2006
  I'm going crazy trying to find this song I downloaded fron the artist's myspace page

I went crazy looking through my internet history and found nothing since it clears our every 6 days or so, and I seriously cant remember their name or anything :(

so here goes

come anytime you need
I have been waiting along the ride
come anytime you need I have been waiting I will be waiting....
what would you do if this feel through?

heres the song if you dont understand anything from the little lyrics I have


thanks in advanced :)

xposted like crazy
Lyric search 
11:59pm 18/10/2006
  Hi, I need some help finding a song. For some reason have a few seconds of a song on my computer and no idea what song it is. I tried google and every lyric site I know but I can't find it.The lyrics of the few seconds I have are
Sometimes the voices in my head start to laugh
I think of you instead
but the jokes bury me in the sand
and I choke and loose all your feeling
I wanna walk
to the bridge that you always said
you'd jump off
if things ever get too bad
I stop for fearing that if I did
get to the top I'd follow you
If the stars came down in a million showers.
I'm not sure if all the words are correct because it's not very clear but if anyone has any ideas what it is I'd appreciate the help as I'd love to get the whole song. Thanks.
10:51am 13/10/2006
  This is my last and final attempt at finding out what this one song i called. I know this community is only small but i'm desperate because the bit of the song i know has been stuck in my head for about a week now. I've tried googling the lyrics and i've tried lyric search engines and i keep coing up blank.

All i know of it is:

"You're working hard,
But you can't work so fast
and you can't handle time
but you can't forget your past..."

I heard it on an Interview with Ryan Hansen on the CW's website. This is the interview. Hopefully the link works.

I thank anyone kind enough to find out what this song is for me.
3 songs 
03:34pm 18/09/2006
mood: thoughtful
alright, i have a few songs i need help with, and they were all heard on the 107.9 evolution station in vancouver (the bc institute of technology station). their songs are mostly of the indie persuasion, if that helps. i tried googling all these but with no luck, so hopefully someone out there has heard them.

the first one i have "can you take me back to the place where it all starts from", but i'm pretty sure that's just somwhere in the verses, but it was the longest line i could make out.

the second i have two lines, one is "'cause the sun will come through any day now" and also "i will die for you"

the third i have "pretty pictures from a magazine" and also " (i?) used to be sad, now i'm just bored of you" (found this one)

if anyone could help it would be greatly greatly appreciated.
i cross-posted this to a few other song help communities too.

thanks, arynne.
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07:29pm 12/08/2006
  Hello, this is my first post...and definetly not my last.

I work in Sears and there are many songs that play over the intercom and they get stuck in my head. Hopefully someone can help me figure out these songs.

The first one, sung by a male, goes something like: "When the sun goes down (ooohh) and you're not around." and that's all I know.

The second one, sung by a female, goes something like: "For what it's worth, I Love you. And what is worse, I really do."

The third one, sung by two (maybe) males. I heard it in American Eagle during the Christmas season. It goes something like, "Rage, you've caught me in a state of Rage." When they say rage, their voices get higher.

I hope someone can help me. I need to download these songs! They're in my head!
10:21pm 14/04/2006
  Does anyone know the name of the song/artist of that song in the new Jaguar commercial. It says something about a car methinks. I need to know. It totally rocks my socks off.  
Song Info Request 
11:20am 16/03/2006
  Everyone, please, I beg you, help me find out what song is playing on this page!
I've been looking forever!


3,000,000 points for whoever tells me!
Two Themes 
07:18pm 14/02/2006
  Im looking for two types of songs...

For one song, id like the theme, or the lyrics to be about having a hard life/childhood..things not always going so well. Perhaps, its about things not being so well in the past..but getting better...or maybe it doesnt get better. Either one works.

Also another one im looking for, is one about not having a father being there while growing up. The only ones ive found, are Father of Mine by Everclear and Too Young To Know by The Unseen.

Thanks for all your help.
Greatly Appreciated!
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Looking for songs... 
03:36pm 31/01/2006
mood: tired
Music is my life. I love pretty much every type, and i have a wide knowledge of music..however im looking for one song imparticular that explains how im feeling at this particular moment, and i cant.

See, ive never really been a romantic person but just recently i met this guy who has changed my outlook on life. Before he came along, it seems like everything was really depressing and stuff...but he makes me so happy, like everytime we talk i get butterflies in my stomach. I never want to lose him. However, ive never really paid attention to love songs, therefore im kind of in the dark when it comes to them... I know theyre out there. haha One that particularly explains my feelings at this moment and the situation im in..Do any of you know of some songs? Old, new, any genre!

Thanks so much. Its greatly appreciated!
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08:42pm 14/09/2005
  Ok. So this may sound silly. But my friend saw this car commercial. I don't watch tv so I wouldn't know. But she's going crazy over figuring out what the song playing in it is. She's been humming it for a few days now. So I'm going to suprise her by putting it on a mix. Lame? Yeah.
Man jumps off a cliff where his house is, on a cliff, with a parachute, and lands on the ground next to a car. He proceeds to drive away. Something weird like that. Does anyone know what the song is on that commercial or at least what kind of car the commercial is for? She's thinking Nissan... no idea really.
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10:39pm 02/06/2005
  Take this from me
Take this from me
Dreams die hard
Ghosts won't go away
When the heart does not agree..

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11:32pm 24/11/2004
  so you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts. what's so amazing about really deep thoughts? boy you best pray that I bleed real soon! how's that thought for you?  
12:31pm 06/11/2004
  Hey all. I'm new. Ok, I've heard these lyrics, but never heard the song. Anyone know??

"I wish I had saved all the tears you made me cry, so I could fucking drown you in them"


Ps- Info on me is in my user info!
03:24pm 24/09/2004
  Okay well there's this song and I am not quite sure how it goes or who it's by or what it's called, but my whole class has been trying to figure it out it goes like this:

da da da da da da.. i was sitting at a diner... da da da da da eating cornflakes at a table.. da da da da da walking through the park... da da da da and i said to my reflection.

That's about all we can remember, we think it's from the 90s. I've looked on Google.

Also the "da da da" sounds like the I DREAM OF GENIE theme song.

It is sung by a girl also.

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06:35pm 03/07/2004
  OK-There is a song stuck in my head. Its a guy singing he says
"IF i gave it aaall If I sold it all"
thats all i can remember
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12:16am 18/02/2003
mood: moody
So, who knows the artist and/or title to that song that goes

"You're just like a pill
Instead of making me better
You're making me ill"
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12:14am 18/02/2003
  This community is about that one lyric or song you heard that you don't know the name to. Maybe it's played all the time on the radio but you never catch the deejay say the band. Maybe you want to buy the CD but don't know which one. Maybe you're lazy and just want all of us to tell you what you're listening to.

Mainly, this is a community driven community. The more people we have involved, the bigger the base of songs we have to help others with.

The rules are simple:

- Keep posts on topic at all times. This isn't a place to pimp a band or talk about your road trip to Bakersfield. This is to find out what the hell that song you can't remember the name of is.

- Be polite. We're all adults, or close enough to it to be considered mature enough.


/Le Mod.
12:11am 18/02/2003
  Welcome to this community, Name That Song. Check out the user info for more information. Have fun. Play nice.  
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