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3 songs

alright, i have a few songs i need help with, and they were all heard on the 107.9 evolution station in vancouver (the bc institute of technology station). their songs are mostly of the indie persuasion, if that helps. i tried googling all these but with no luck, so hopefully someone out there has heard them.

the first one i have "can you take me back to the place where it all starts from", but i'm pretty sure that's just somwhere in the verses, but it was the longest line i could make out.

the second i have two lines, one is "'cause the sun will come through any day now" and also "i will die for you"

the third i have "pretty pictures from a magazine" and also " (i?) used to be sad, now i'm just bored of you" (found this one)

if anyone could help it would be greatly greatly appreciated.
i cross-posted this to a few other song help communities too.

thanks, arynne.
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