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namethatsong's Journal

connecting lyrics with song titles, daily.
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This community is about that one lyric or song you heard that you don't know the name to. Maybe it's played all the time on the radio but you never catch the deejay say the band. Maybe you want to buy the CD but don't know which one. Maybe you're lazy and just want all of us to tell you what you're listening to.

Mainly, this is a community driven community. The more people we have involved, the bigger the base of songs we have to help others with.

The rules are simple:

- Keep posts on topic at all times. This isn't a place to pimp a band or talk about your road trip to Bakersfield. This is to find out what the hell that song you can't remember the name of is.

- Be polite. We're all adults, or close enough to it to be considered mature enough.


/Le Mod.