mar_22 (magv1) wrote in namethatsong,

Lyric search

Hi, I need some help finding a song. For some reason have a few seconds of a song on my computer and no idea what song it is. I tried google and every lyric site I know but I can't find it.The lyrics of the few seconds I have are
Sometimes the voices in my head start to laugh
I think of you instead
but the jokes bury me in the sand
and I choke and loose all your feeling
I wanna walk
to the bridge that you always said
you'd jump off
if things ever get too bad
I stop for fearing that if I did
get to the top I'd follow you
If the stars came down in a million showers.
I'm not sure if all the words are correct because it's not very clear but if anyone has any ideas what it is I'd appreciate the help as I'd love to get the whole song. Thanks.
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